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Reel Covers

Accurate neoprene reel covers protect your Accurate reels from the elements and look good doing it? They can be mounted on and off the rod and feature velcro closures and...
Knot Puller

Knot Puller

The Accurate 4" knot puller is a great tool to cinch your knots tight without the risk of injuring your hands. It consists of two pieces that screw together to...

Piranha Pliers

Piranha Pliers are the Fisherman's right-hand man, available in a regular tip, split tip, and "mini" split tip these pliers make removing hooks, cutting lines, and opening split rings a...
Piranha Plier Cutter Set

Piranha Plier Cutter Set

Piranha Extra Lite Plier Cutter Set. Comes with both cutters and screws. These will only fit the newer Piranha Extra Lite Pliers (APXL-7 and APXL-8). It Will not fit old...
Piranha Pliers Replacement Lanyard

Piranha Pliers Replacement Lanyard

Replacement lanyard for APXL7 Piranha Pliers.

Piranha Plier Jaw Kit

Piranha Extra Lite Plier Jaw Kit. Comes with both jaws and screws. This only fits the newer Piranha Extra Lite Pliers (APXL-7 and APXL-8). Will not fit old style APL-6,...
Piranha Pliers Replacement Sheath

Piranha Pliers Replacement Sheath

Replacement sheath for APXL7 Piranha Pliers.

E-Gift Card

Looking for the perfect gift for the angler in your family?  Accurate Gift Cards take the guesswork out of shopping for them.  We have Gift Cards available in denominations of $25-1000. ...

Tools of the Trade Bundle

Nothing more important than rigging with the right tools, cinching knots, trimming tag ends, and keeping your tools together in a place where you know where they areThe bundle comes...