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Slow Pitch Jigging Handle Assembly

You asked for it and here it is. The Handle assembly of our popular Valiant SPJ fishing reel. Convert any Dauntless, Valiant (excluding 300 size), Fury, BX model, or Tern...

Extreme Handle

The Accurate Extreme Knob Kit comes in large and small sizes. The kit includes the knob in either Blue, Red, Black or Silver plus all hardware needed. Questions for options:...

Sleeve Nut

Small sleeve nut – Fits all Boss reels except BV2-800, BV2-1000, BX2-30, and BX2-50. (See ATD sleeve nut for those two models.) Also, fits ATD-6. Large sleeve nut – fits...

Boss Frame Lanyard Clamp

Boss Lanyard Clamp – Replacement reel seat clamps for your Valiant, Boss Xtreme, Dauntless, Fury, and Tern. Available in Standard, Narrow, and Large sizes. Standard size fits all Valiant, Extreme, Dauntless,...

Next-Gen Large Round Knob

Next-Gen Large Round Knob comes with all hardware needed to install. Available in red, black, gold, blue, and silver.  Fits all reel sizes except for the 300.

Tiburon Clamp for Accurate Reels

The Tiburon Clamp for Accurate reels fits all Boss series reels including Valiant, Dauntless, Extreme, Fury and Tern, and even narrow reels. Used for attaching an Accurate reel to a...

Rubber Power Knob Kit

Rubber Power Knob Kit fits all Accurate conventional reels.

Boss Frame Stud

These frame studs fit all Boss reels except for the BX2-30 and BX2-50. (1 stud per package)

Boss Preset Cover (Black)

Boss Preset Cover (Black)

Anti-reverse Bearing

The large stainless steel anti-reverse bearing is found in all current Valiant, Extreme, Dauntless, Fury and Tern reels except the BV-300 (requires small). It is also found in the SR...

Boss Clicker Ring

Boss Clicker Ring

Boss Spool Shaft E-Clip

Fits all Boss Extreme, Valiant, and Dauntless reel spool shafts on both sides. (1 per package)

Boss Frame Clamp

Clamp for Boss series reels. Fits all Valiant, Extreme, Dauntless, Fury, and Tern reel models. Select the Narrow option for narrow reels including 400N, 500N, and 600NN. (1 per package)

Boss 1-72 Torx Sideplate Screw

Boss sideplate screw fits Boss Extreme, Dauntless, and Fury reels plus Valiant 400, 500, and 600. Secures sideplate to the frame. 4 per reel. (1 per package)

Boss Frame / Tension Cam Bearing

This bearing will fit in both the frame and tension cam (preset) in all Boss Extreme, Valiant, and Dauntless reels. (1 per package)