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  • Superior Lightweight Design
  • Eight Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings
  • Patented TwinDrag® Feature
  • CVX® Technology
  • Stainless Steel ARB
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Gears and Shaft
  • Larger, Stronger Gear Shaft for increased torque
  • Sleeved Spool for increased Castability
  • 2 Year Free Service Program

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US Patents 6,805,313 │ 6,505,787

Note: C=With Clicker, N=Narrow, NN=Extra Narrow in model numbers

Valiant Single-Speed

Lightweight with plenty of stopping power the Valiant single speed gets results from Sturgeon to schoolie Yellowfin tuna or home guard Yellows they all end up the same way, caught.

The Valiant is the first of an entire new generation of reels designed with CVX® technology. Created with precise, powerful performance in mind, it has proven itself globally in a short period of time. The curved designed of the frame and sideplate allowed us to design a reel that is incredibly light, but extremely strong. In addition to being the lightest series of reels on the market, the Valiant has incredible free spool, allowing for you to fish the reel all day and focus on fighting the fish, not your tackle.

*Please Note: 300, 400N, 500N, 600NN no longer come with frame studs.

Model Weight(oz) Gear Ratio Braid Capacity Inches Per Crank Max Drag
BV-300 9.9 6:1 325yds/30lb 38" 24
With Clicker
9.9 6:1 325yds/30lb 38" 24
BV-400 14 6:1 400yds/50lb 38" 26
BV-500N 15 6:1 300yds/50lb 45" 30
BV-500 16 6:1 475yds/50lb 45" 30
BV-600NN 18 6:1 300yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600N 18 6:1 400yds/65lb 53" 32
BV-600 18 6:1 500yds/65lb 53" 32


Please note before ordering: The following models are built to order and can take up to 4-6 weeks before shipping.  BV-400L, BV-500L, BV-500NL, BV-600L, BV-600NL, BV-600NNL

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ricky Nguyen

I think accurate valiant 400 spool is more narrow. braid capacity about 400/PE 4. It’s nice and OK

Capt. James J. Thomas

We have been using the Valiant series reels in our Alaskan sport fishing operation since they were introduced. I was looking for a rebel that was lightweight, durable, and had decent line capacity. Accurate knocked it out of the park with the Valiant series. We now have over 30 of these reels that get used very hard every day for 90 days straight every summer, with minimal care other than a fresh water rinse. One of our clients accidentally dropped his rod overboard when a big halibut hit. A couple weeks later I was fishing in the same area and one of my clients on the guide boat snagged the line from the dropped rod. I handled the rod to the top, soaked the reel in fresh water overnight, then proceeded to use the reel for another month until our season ended. The Valiants have vastly outperformed our expectations as well as those of our guests.

josh stafford
Hardworking and Sexy

First season fishing Accurate Reels. Valiant 500 single speed & Boss Extreme bx500 single speed. Both flawless out of the box. Fished 40+ 8 hour days last year, commercial hook and line, rod and reel for mostly bottom fish and albacore. Compact and lightweight, well balanced design, spool holds a lot of line, easy to dial in the drag needed, and the drag lever is easily manipulated with the thumb. Lots of up n downs, lots of casting, lots of pumpers on the line, lots of flipping the lever drag, lots of wet line peeling off the spool. Getting snagged on structure, or screaming line with a beefy fish, these reels have handled everything encountered thus far- particularly the elements and the constant up and down. One of the many things appreciated about fishing Accurate reels is when casting up-current: what once I thought was driver error when casting and sometimes getting birds nested, I now realize it was more the reel I was using couldn't keep up with the line going out. I achieve greater distance in my casting with accurate and less time wasted getting the birds nest cleaned up. No discredit to other brands I have fished, but moving forward- I really only wanna have an accurate reel in my hand. Knowing they machine the reels themselves from aircraft aluminum in Corona and how enthusiastic they are about the work they do and the integrity of the products they build is where I would like to direct my business . In the last year I have learned a lot about the mechanics of how reels are built and how the build can affect the operating mechanics overall, and also experienced some of my own on water realizations about my gear and fishing in general. Still lots to learn. Like life, there are lots of pros and cons with everything, but I have yet to find any complaints with my accurates. Having confidence that you can take your gear fishing and it show up ready to work when you are is greatly appreciated. I foresee lots of days on the water with an accurate in my hand.

Fred Chryssikos
Review Accurate BV300 Reel

I am the proud owner of 4 of these reels. Their build quality is excellent. Their compact size and light weight along exceptional drag power and smoothness are key features that I value. I fish Long Island, Block Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean south of Montauk and Block Island. Fluke, Striped Bass and Bluefish are staple fish in these waters, along with various Tuna species. They are great for jigging reels for 60 lb. Schoolie Tuna. Sturdy and powerful to deal with the blistering Tuna runs that come close to spooling the reel.

In addition, they are American made and backed by outstanding customer service. I have called them on numerous occasions and sent 2 of the reels in for the free 2 year service. Excellent turnaround. The Service folks are expert and patient with any questions I have had, and they are fisherman themselves. Try that with their Japanese competition.

Robert Jenkins
Finest Slow Pitch Reel on The Market

I have had the pleasure or displeasure of fishing many reels made by several manufacturers for jigging and slow pitch/long fall jigging. The Valiants 300-600nn sizes, with their compact, light weight package are my go to choice for any species from shallow water, micro jigging to 1000 foot plus depths. These little reels have the smooth drag necessary for putting the brakes on tunas and jacks, coupled with the brute stopping power to handle groupers. Small reels truly do catch big fish

Valiant ® Single-Speed

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