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Dauntless ®



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Sku: DX2-400N
  • Patented TwinDrag™ System
  • Six Class 5 ABEC stainless steel bearings
  • Greased AccuDrag system
  • Stainless steel gears
  • Stainless steel ARB bearing
  • Two Stainless Steel Anti Reverse Dogs for Ultimate Stopping Power
  • 2 year AccuCare Reel Service
  • Sleeved spool for increased castability
  • Heat treated pinion gears
  • Larger, stronger gear shaft for increased torque
  • Patented DirecShift mechanism
  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in America

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US Patents 6,805,313 │ 6,505,787

Harnessed power ready for action

We designed the Dauntless series of reels with power to spare. It is powerful, extremely smooth drag with built in dual dogs for instant backup. The Dauntless is battle ready for the toughest adversaries.

The Dauntless, Accurate’s Flagship reel is the pinnacle of the Small Reel, Big Fish movement. Lightweight, strong, and full of torque, this reel has the Accurate-exclusive stainless steel ARB bearing coupled with backup twin synced dogs for the ultimate stopping power. Not only is the Dauntless extremely powerful, but offers the smooth, even, consistent drag of Accurate’s patented TwinDrag®. It has been the reel of choice for top anglers pushing the envelope targeting larger gamefish on smaller conventional reels. The Dauntless was designed for the angler looking to pull out all stops as they take on the largest and strongest gamefish of the world.

Model Weight(oz) Gear Ratio Braid Capacity Inches Per Crank Max Drag
DX2-400N 22 6.1:1/3.1:1 325yds/40lb 38"/19" 26
DX2-400 24 6.1:1/3.1:1 325yds/50lb 38"/19" 26
DX2-500N 24 6.1:1/3.1:1 300yds/50lb 45"/23" 30
DX2-500 26 6.1:1/3.1:1 475yds/50lb 45"/23" 30
DX2-600N 28 5.1:1/2.2:1 425yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
DX2-600 30 5.1:1/2.2:1 500yds/65lb 44"/19" 32
DX2-600NN 27 5.1:1/2.2:1 300yds/65lb 44"/19" 32

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fine Piece of Engineering

My Dauntless is truly a fine piece of equipment.

Best reel I own! A must have in your arsenal!

Well-built, strong, powerful, easy to use and maintain. You need a Dauntless 600!!!

The ultimate Wahoo Reel

I have fished a Dauntless 600 Narrow for a number of years now for WAHOO and there is nothing like it. This reel great deal of torque and casts like a dream!!!
Try one and see for yourself.

Dauntless Series

I have owned and fished the Accurate Dauntless reels for the past several years and have found them to be
“True Workhorse Reels”! I recommend the 400 series for local and light to medium offshore Southern California fishing.

My personal favorites are the DX-2 500N and DX-2 600N.

I caught a 130# Bluefin in 10 minutes with the DX-2 600N (See photo).

Helped up my game

These Accurate reels are the best. I had some questions on what reels would be best for the type of fishing I’d be doing and they were able to point me in the 110% correct direction. Great service and amazing product!

Dauntless ®

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